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Post 9 - Finally I have professional Photo & Video editing software

My First Lightroom Photography Edit
My First Lightroom Photography Edit

Late June Sky 2022, taken just outside my IRL home in the northern parts of Midgard. 

I used the program "Adobe Lightroom" to edit it. Love how crazy good it is for photography. Easily the best and most advanced photo editor I have ever used. 

Not entirely sold on Adobes video editing software, was kind of hard to use, but it sure beats "windows movie maker" :) 

If you use Unix/Linux OS there is a ton of video editing software availible for free of course. Still have one 6 year old computer running Windows 10 and lets face it, its been a while since Microsoft & Apple has been in the business of making computers. Theyre main business is collecting and selling personal information. 

The sooner we all switch to using Unix systems for everything the better. 

Heres a song I just made, it began as I remade the "Candyman" theme using my brand new Roland synth, and after I added the drums, I mixed in some classic Cypress Hill vocals. 

When I was adding drums to the piano score I realised Phillip Glass, the original composer, must have written it using 1990s G-Funk beats ahaha. 

The movie was set in a north side Chicago hood, so it makes total sense ! 

Video is of a house nearby that burned down recently and I made the video play backwards, added a green filter to it. 

Song is called "20iLlUsIoNs22" because I am a little retarded :) 

A play on the song I stole the vocal track from. The 1995 album "Temples Of Boom" by Cypress Hill, to be exact. Its a crazy mix but it works. 

Hope you are having a great summer and thanks for visiting me here in my internet home !


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