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Post 8 - Making music for movies & new release "Astral Fields"


During some weird occurences on the internet in late may 2022, I got in touch with an absolutely awesome person that does Film production in USA. Through him I have gotten the chance to do filmscores professionally. I am over the moon, it has always been a dream of mine to do this. 

To start off I have written some preproductions in the horror genre. My first theme to figure out how to do this is called "Astral Fields" and is a song from the spirit plane. My producer friend loved it and he sendt me the best email ever about it. 

I am so stoked about this opportunity and I will do my best of course. I know in my heart I can achieve this task. And I have a professional friend called Arttu Silvast that will help me if I get stuck. He does movies and tv productions in Finland and is signed to Universal Music and is part of the  Emergence Music Distribution they do for Film or TV production companies. 

For making filmscores I use a Roland A-49 synth, Studio One 5 pro with the buildt in synths from Presonus and the Kontakt & Massive VST`s from Native Instruments. 

Weirdly enough my favorite synth is a free, made by my brilliant friend David Hilowitz.  He is the guy behind and he wrote and programmed the free synth software by himself. 

A+ person. If youre into music production you totally should check that page out. 

The song "Astral Fields" is on my bandcamp & youtube if you want to check it out. Huge thanks to my friend in Denmark for making the haunting image for me. He is "Mayhemfreak" on youtube and social media. Check out some links below if you have time. Thanks for visiting me on my internet home ! 



Image created by Jack Brodersen alias "Mayhemfreak" on the internet
Image created by Jack Brodersen alias "Mayhemfreak" on the internet