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Post 6 - The House Of Stone

Logo made by the wonderful french artist Stephanie Hel Sørensen
Logo made by the wonderful french artist Stephanie Hel Sørensen


House of Stone

Steinheim is my garage band that exist only to have fun. It was meant to be a stoner rock band when I first made it. But we never got there really, mostly my own fault. Instead we had tons of fun playing Misfits covers. We really hate writing lyrics, but we do it, because we have to. 

Our best song, that will probably be on an EP one day is called Misantrof Dot Net. You can hear everything we have recorded up until now on our youtube. There are some horrible stuff there of course, as we publish all we play. But also a lot of good Misfits covers. Im happy with the cover of Noregsgard. And the Dark Throne cover is all rite but my bass died during recording. So that made it problematic and I had to change some stuff. 

The band members is only me, Orm and my brother from another mother Jack. I usually do the guitars and vox and he plays the drums but sometimes he sings and when he does greatness happens. Love his vocals. We really dont need anyone else. Jack is the laziest musician I have ever met. He is not lazy as a person, the man works on a boat ffs. He is a sailor. But with music. Ugh. Things with him can really take months before it happens and he executes. But I love both him and his sister Hege like they were my own family. Both are simply amazing people. 

Hege, Jacks older sister, used to be together with Lars Nedland from Borknagar. She was present in the process of creating the album True North, a masterpiece, released in 2019. The song Up North means a ton to me and always bring me the happy. 

Jack is my forever bro. He truly is a waste of talent and should be recognized. He can sing metal just as good as when Phil Anselmo was at his peak. This fact annoys me so much. That he has not made it big yet. Im only a guitar player that was forced to sing out of nescessity. Im easily replaced. If I had Jacks singing talent I would be a huge asshole to everyone I met and only have photos of myself on my instagram. 

Also fun fact about Jack. When he was young he turned down a great carrier large and a huge sum of money, from a world famous producer, because they told Jack that he had to change the lyrics ahaha :)

Eternal Respect ! 

Steinheim T Shirts are sold out but we will set up a new store soon
Steinheim T Shirts are sold out but we will set up a new store soon

We Are 138 (Misfits cover)

Steinheim - (Du Som Hater Mennesket) 

Im singing on this one, its the first proper song I wrote for Steinheim. 

Its dedicated to Secht, the Misantrof Experiment & Daniel Vrangsinn from Carpathian Forest. 

Totally stole the lyrics from Secht ahahaha !! Video recorded by our friend Anita Catarina in Austria . 

Steinheim - "Skulls" Misfits cover

Jack singing (and he plays the drums as well) 

Turned out awesome. Video is made of parts from an old horror/monster movie

Steinheim - Noregsgard (Storm Cover)  I am really pleased with this one :)