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Post 10 - The Stockholm goth rock band "Bang Bang Rouge"


So, I have this friend in Stockholm. Mr Hallin. He makes a ton of interesting music, from extreme metal to goth pop. One of my favorites is his Isrike project. Will have to write a post about that one day. Thankful that he in 2019 brought me out of my deep depression and pushed me back into doing music again. We do the Haljōrūna project together, using old scandinavian mythology and ancient forgotten melodies to spread the healthy norse lifestyle and ideology.

Hallin is not very public about his image unfortunantly. He looks like a bad ass though ! 

Bang Bang Rouge is really interesting. Recently it got signed to a major label, so we had to pause the recording of the next folk metal record, it wont be out until 2023, at best. 

This project has existed for many many years and im still finding old super catchy songs, like the vampire girl song, posted below. 

Bang Bang Rouge is Dark Pop, Rock, Gothic and Ambient music. 

Check out the song below and the Spotify playlist ive added.

The "Vampire Girl Song". Its extremely catchy, goth girls love it ! 

Diamond Showers !! This is such quality :) Everyone Ive sendt this to like it a lot :) 

As do I. The music from this project has so many dimensions of sadness and also some hope in between. Below is the latest full lenght album. Forever thankful for my friend showing me how the music world functions here in this digital future. Many of theese songs in my opinion, is just a remix away from being massive hit songs. 

All the best for Bang Bang Rouge and thank you for reading.