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Post 7- Marie`s "Fade Into You" cover Pitch black sound colour & 2.5 K plays on Youtube in 48 hours 

Marie, summer 2019 💜
Marie, summer 2019 💜
Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star 🖤
Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star 🖤

Ugh ! Been completely crazy on my yotube the last two days !! 

On Saturday morning 25.06.2022 I found an old recording on my hard drive, an intact wav file from 2019, with my friend and me playing Fade Into You, from 1993 by Mazzy Star. We grew up in the 90s and love this song very much.  

Used to play Fade Into You a lot with her, its the same chords through the entire song. (A-E-Bm) As a guitar player it was the easiest thing in the world to play, so I would just zone out and watch Marie do her thing. She would sing and I would play guitar. Then we would laugh and drink red wine, before we played another song. We did a ton of cover songs and had a lot of fun 🖤

I managed to process the sound without clipping the recording to heavily, its only like 0,3 dB of digital clipping and if you play it loud on a stereo its amazing ! Somehow after some time working on it, with some new plugins, I got it to sound pure black like the abyss itself. Got her voice to really come forward into the recording and also applied some pop filters / de-essing to her voice. 

I am very happy with it and I know I killed it with the sound engeneering. 

So now its Marie`s Mazzy Star cover :) 

I then put it on my youtube with 66 subs, thinking nothing of it. 

Over the next 24 hours it got over 1 000 plays. 

And that never happens. 

I come home from work today and see it has now over 2.5 K plays !! 

2.5 K plays in less then 48 hours !!! !!! !!! 

Its soooo crazy :) So many beautiful comments about it :) So many new subscribers :) 

And they love her on YouTube. Very proud of her, she is a 9th grade teacher and works really hard. She has also been through far to much pain 💔

We always loved the original by Mazzy Star. And today I sendt Hope Sandoval herself  a message about the song and the release. I hope she reads it one day and listens to it. 

If she replies we will loose it completely !!! 

Please help Marie and me by playing it off Youtube. Youre unique geo location will spread it further. If you want to suppport Marie with some hard earned coal, please buy the track on Bandcamp. Its only 0,80 Dollar or 7.77 Norwegian Crowns.

She deserves it so much !! 

Here is the song on Youtube 🖤

Please a comment for Marie, she will be so happy you did ! 

And dont forget to like & subscribe :) 

Thank you ! 

/Orm 27.06.2022